Popular Social Sites

Social networking is a part of our everyday lives. In the simplest terms, it is a way of increasing the number of people you know by meeting them, their friends and so on. Not only this, social networking sites are also a powerful tool in promoting business and its activities. Some sites have come into existence with a view to get connected with like businesses. However, social media is more than just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging.

Based on analysis and research, the most popular social sites are:

  • Facebook: It is the most popular social networking site and is all the rage today. All that you have to do is to create an account on this site with a valid email ID. It is absolutely free to join and you can browse and join networks, find long-lost friends through the search engine and also pull contacts.
  • Twitter: Considered to be a simple service, by creating a Twitter account, you can post and receive messages to a network of contacts. You can also build your own network and invite others to receive your tweets and also follow other members’ posts. It is also easy to opt into or opt out of networks.
  • LinkedIn: It is designed for business professionals to help them find jobs, connect with potential businesses and find like – minded people for business.
  • MySpace: This is the place where your friends become your initial Friend Space. Once confirmed, even their friends become part of your network. Thus, everyone on MySpace is in your Extended Network.
  • Pinterest: A fast growing social networking standalone site that reached 10 million monthly unique visits, it is a beautiful user platform that is turning heads online.
  • YouTube: Nothing can be compared to it when it comes to video sharing. It is owned by Google, but recognized as a separate social network and mainly revolves around movie making, video and music sharing, vlogging (video logging), and video production.
  • Tumblr: Another form of microblogging that is heavily influenced by image sharing. Reblogging and liking are the popular ways to interact here.
  • Google+: Launched in 2011, it is a rapidly growing social network that people are excited to use.

Other popular social sites include; DevianArt, LiveJournal, Tagged, Orkut, CafeMom, Ning, MeetUp, and myLife.

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