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Twitter consists of a system of people who share facts, articles or interesting information over instant messaging (IM). Users share various types of messages; what they’re doing, what’s happening with their business and what’s going on in their network. These messages are called Tweets. Every Tweet is no more than 140 characters in length. With each Tweet, the message can contain text, photos and videos.

Twitter links B2B or B2C in real-time. Business folks use Twitter for sharing facts on stocks, numerous systems, products and services, and present other viewpoints on a variety of subjects. Even high profile people are tweeting on the site with their business partners. Twitter provides a big podium where they can interact, debate, devise plans and reach a wider audience. It’s easy to keep track of a business, or do research on various products.

To endorse business on Twitter, a business must first form a brand, which is one of the most significant things that a business must do. For instance, if they talk about the shift in mobile growth and twitter, the business should create a twitter profile congruent with that message, and send tweets consistent with that subject matter.

Twitter is a vital social media tool for bloggers and small commercial proprietors. Inside a short while, that social communication service has developed so prevalent that it is aggressively being used by representatives and celebrities globally.

Review your Twitter profile to ensure it accurately represents yourself. Many Twitter profiles are so poorly kept that your potential audience will leave before finding out anything about you. Make certain your front page has only quality posts and not just re-tweeted posts or random links.

You can augment the look of your profile with an interesting image to enrich your page. Place all the vital facts about yourself into the bio section, with a connection to your main website, if you have one.

Furthermore, make sure you endorse your Twitter profile by connecting to it from as many places as possible. Other ways you can improve your profile is by participating and running in Twitter competitions. Add a ‘tweets this’ key in your blog posts and list your Twitter ID on your business cards.

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