Social Media Tools

Today, there are various social media tools available that can be used to achieve company objectives. However, it is confusing even for the savviest social marketers to use these tools. The primary use of social media is to engage with potential and existing customers to achieve desired results like sales, sales leads and even customer satisfaction.

The social media tools being used are as follows:

Social Networks: The growth of social networking sites across the globe show how effective they are as a mode of communication.

Blogs: These are considered to be the most easy, effective and popular social media tool to develop, communicate and converse while creating an environment of trust between the people communicating. There are umpteen number of blogging tools available that offer templates and the ability to start publishing the content instantly. Sites like WordPress and Blogger are easily available where you just need a user account and start as a Blogger.

Wikis: This web based application enables users to develop, edit and distribute their knowledge on relevant topics of their choice. Many companies are using the power of wikis to lower their training costs, product development and also retain various types of procedural information.

Forums: This social media tool offers an effective method to engage and carry conversations on specific topics of interest. Forums have the ability to create and maintain a closely knit community of trusted people.

Micro Blogging: This is one of the most powerful social media tools that are immediate and portable for 140 character messages like those on Twitter. It surely helps to converse with others and build close networking bonds.

Video Sharing: It allows the users to upload and share videos to video sharing websites like YouTube. Other users can watch the videos and also comment on them, share them and embed them on their own websites and blogs.


The above mentioned some of the primary social media tools are imperative to learn and understand the power of social media.

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